Roller 1 - 7 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for a Smooth Garage Door Garage Doors 

7 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for a Smooth Garage Door

Your garage door may not be closing smoothly because of rust, faulty or old hinges, improper rollers, or clogged dirt. This can happen due to abrupt weather changes, untimely garage door maintenance, or carefree usage.

Considering you use the car frequently and need the door to slide open and close appropriately, take these garage door maintenance tips seriously. The last thing you want in your busy life is delays owing to such problems

Garage Maintenance: 7 Tips for a Smoother Garage Door

We, at SD Garage Doors based in Glasgow, have curated a list of 7 garage door maintenance tips to ensure you aren’t burdened with jammed doors:

#1. Tighten All The Hardware

Assume an average family uses their garage door twice a day for more than a few years. This sums up to over a thousand door closing and opening movements. If not rust or chunks of gathered dirt, the hardware will undoubtedly face wear and tear to some extent. 

As garage doors are heavy, sliding them from top to bottom or left to right induces significant vibrations. These vibrations loosen the nuts and bolts, and eventually, the hardware remains loosely attached – becoming susceptible to breakage. 

Make sure to pay close attention to the fittings and double-check whether the roller brackets and bolts are tight. If they are even slightly loose, tighten them with a socket wrench. 

#2. Replace Weatherstripping

After prolonged usage, there’s a high chance of damage to the weather sealing on the borders of your garage door. Even worse, it may seem undetectable due to brittleness or may already be cracked within tight areas. This restricts you from identifying the loopholes in your garage door. 

We suggest visiting any hardware or home improvement store and purchasing weatherstripping material by the foot, based on the dimensions of your garage door. Ideally, seal the entire bordering to avoid any pollutants and external agents from seeping into your home.

#3. Periodic Lubrication

Whether yearly or bi-yearly, make it a point to add grease to the necessary parts of the garage door. Such greasing extends the lifespan of your garage doorway beyond expectations. What’s best, it brings the benefit of day-in-day-out comfort due to seamless manoeuvrability. 

Lubrication should be performed on the chain sections, screwed parts, and the main components that support sliding the door. Feel free to apply silicone or white lithium grease/lubricant sprays for best results.

Spray lubricants make the door maintenance process much more straightforward, and they also help eliminate the annoying problem of noisy garage doors. Provided the product you apply is of high-quality, expect waterproofing and material preservation benefits too.

#4. Understand the Balance of The Garage Door

The overhead door in your garage will struggle to slide if the garage door isn’t balanced. To extend the usage period of the door and ensure smooth operation, we recommend testing the door’s balance.

This can be done by first pulling the release handle in order to disconnect the opener. Further on, attempt opening the door manually and focus on how stably it slides upwards. In case the door wobbles in a side-to-side or front-to-back motion, the door is not well-balanced. However, if it moves without losing its stability, all is well.  

In the event the door isn’t balanced correctly, you’ll need to adjust the springs.

Caution: Only perform this string adjustment exercise when the door is closed down, and the springs are under tension. 

#5. Check The Auto-Reverse Feature

The auto-reverse function of garage doors is a safety feature that automatically gets activated if it comes into contact with an object while closing. You can place a significantly large object between the door’s top section and the ground and test to see how functional it is. 

This garage door feature is imperative as it avoids damaging your car while parking and keeps your pets and kids safe.

In the 21st century, the better half of garage doors function with a photoelectric system that works on the principle of detection. Simply put your foot or palm in the way and wait for the door to go into auto-reverse. If it doesn’t, then you’ve diagnosed a technical problem that should be resolved immediately. 

#6. Groom The Garage Door After Inspection

Besides the technicalities of an electronic or automatic garage door, keep an eye out for structural damages as well. For example, wooden garage doors can be a victim of warp symptoms, chipping, lacklustre paint finishes, and even water damage. 

On the other hand, steel-themed doors can display rusted edges or ugly brown chippings that may fall on your car or the garage entry. Don’t let these deformities worsen, and treat them as soon as possible through priming, painting, sanding, or whichever treatment best suits the door type. 

Also, since one side of the garage door is exposed to the outdoor environment, you must clean it monthly. Try and stick to a mild all-purpose cleaner for best results.

#7. Check and Maintain The Rollers

For regular garage door users, do replace the rollers every four to five years. Whereas, if you open the garage door twice or thrice a week, replace them every seven years. All of this is irrespective of whether the rollers are made of nylon or steel.

Strictly stick to the roller brackets that have no connection to the cable system. Messing with the cable system is best done by professionals, and you don’t want a malfunctioning garage door risking your precious vehicle.

If you begin hearing squeaking or dragging noises from the area where the rollers are located, lubricate them. If not, lubricating twice a year is enough to avoid such instances. 


A lot was invested into designing your garage, installing the garage door, and more than everything, purchasing that vehicle of yours. Never compromise on garage door maintenance, and you’ll be gliding in and out of your garage as swiftly as ever. In the silly event that you do compromise, be assured, the garage door will fail to stand the test of time!

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193732293 2972652166339533 7502632262098748143 n - Why Garden Rooms Are Perfect For Work From Home Garden Design 

Why Garden Rooms Are Perfect For Work From Home

With the new normal that we’re experiencing, more people than ever are working from home. But it can certainly be a challenge to adapt to that if you’re used to an office environment. Modern garden rooms are said to make the perfect home working solutions, and we’re here to tell you why.

These are just a few reasons you should have a garden room for a home office:

1. Few Distractions

One of the central issues that remote employees face is the lack of a quiet work environment. There may be numerous distractions and noises in the main house, including family drama, someone constantly calling you, or your dog wanting to play fetch. That’s why having a garden room as a separate workspace can help you become more focused.

2. Ideal for Work Meetings

If your profession requires holding meetings or receiving visits from clients, you need a professional office. With a garden room office, you wouldn’t need to sacrifice your privacy or the comfort of your family by inviting people to your home.

Such an office is more professional and presentable, even as a backdrop for your zoom meetings and other video calls.

3. Saving Space

No one enjoys having a dining table-turned desk in their house. Not only is it displeasing to the eye, but it also takes up room and may leave you unorganized.

Turning your garden room into an office allows you to set up your work files and material neatly in your workplace. Moreover, you get to restore your makeshift office space to its original form, whether that’s a dining room or living room.

4. No Commuting

Nothing wastes time, energy, and money like commuting to work every day. Instead of renting an office, having a garden room office enables you to trade rush-hour traffic for a pleasant stroll across your garden. This decision saves you plenty of time, which you can use to enjoy the company of your loved ones, do a workout, or get to some house shores.

5. Improving Your Mood

There are a few things better than constantly being surrounded by greenery because it can improve your mood and productivity. An analysis of 10 UK studies demonstrates the positive effects of seeing greenery on people’s moods, which inadvertently impacts their productivity. 

Furthermore, research proves that bringing plants to the office can increase productivity by 15%, so imagine what bringing the office to plants could do!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, garden rooms can make the best home offices. There’s arguably no better way to separate home and work life than physically separating them. It’s more practical to create such a workspace, and it saves you space, money, time, and energy. And we can’t forget the role of greenery in enhancing people’s moods and their productivity.

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rodent control glasgow - Rodent Infestations: Signs to Look Out For Pest Control 

Rodent Infestations: Signs to Look Out For

Any type of pest infestation can be worrying, but the presence of rodent can cause all kinds of stress in the home. Regardless of whether you are dealing with rats or mice, the right steps must be taken to ensure rodent control is the best it can be. This is why many people use a company that offer rodent control services in Glasgow.

How Do I Deter Rodents?

Although cleaning the home and removing rubbish as soon as possible can help deter rodents, other steps can be taken to minimise the likelihood of a rodent infestation. Bird feeders can also be a big draw for rodents because they contain food.

Water sources can be another attracting quality to rodents, so removing these water sources can help minimise the likelihood.

However, there can be times when an infestation occurs through no fault of our own. In some instances, they may have travelled from another garden, or even crept in from another property via loft space or under the floorboards.

Telling the Difference Between Rats and Mice

Despite the many similarities between a rat and a mouse, some differences help set them apart. Mice have a weight of around 12 to 45g when compared to the heaver rat with a weight between 150 to 300g.

Another difference can be seen with the eats. Rats will have small ears whereas mice will have large ears. The tail of a mouse is long, thin and covered in hair, whereas a rat’s tail is thick and hairless.

Signs of a Mouse Infestation

A mouse infestation can make itself known in many ways. In some instance, people may notice a strong smell of urine, whereas other signs can be small brown droppings. It is also common to find nests around the property and hear scratching noise during the night.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Like mice, rats can leave nests and footprints but can be more destructive when present in the home. For example, many find that there are rub marks situated around the house, which are left behind by the grease and dirt found on the rat’s body.

Rats also tend to chew wires and cabling, so if you have noticed gnaw marks, then it could be worthwhile calling a professional rodent control company.

Can’t I Just Use Traps?

Although traps can be useful for removing one mouse or rat, they are not highly effective when it comes to an infestation. Regardless of how many rodents are caught, if there is an infestation, you may find yourself repeating the same process to no avail.

Dealing with rodents can also be unhygienic in some instances, which means that bacteria could be transferred throughout the home.

Employing the services of a professional pest control company ensures that the infestation is removed quickly, as well as ensuring that the right level of aftercare is applied afterwards. It also ensures that the right tools and products are used to avoid disruption to the home.

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ants removal edinburgh 1 - The Problems Associated with Ant Infestations Pest Control 

The Problems Associated with Ant Infestations

Ants are insects that are not only small but can take up residence in many different cracks and crevices. Although ants aren’t as destructive as other pest infestations, there can be times when people need to enlist the aid of ant removal services in Edinburgh.

How Do Ant Infestations Occur?

Ant infestations often occur when there is a source of food close by. However, there can be times when the layout of the home contributes to the likelihood of an infestation.

Ants are considered more of a nuisance as opposed to destructive, but the thought of an infestation can still be unnerving.

Cracks and crevices will be considered open doorways to ants, especially if there is food in the vicinity.

Recognising an Ant Infestation

The sighting of ants is enough to alert people that an infestation is likely in place, but there can be times when ants stay hidden, especially in busy households.

Another signal that indicates that an ant infestation is taking place is nearby any hives Those that are still unsure as to whether an ant infestation is present or not should enlist the services of a professional pest controller to ascertain as to whether this is the case.

Dealing with an Ant Infestation

Those that spot an ant infestation will be keen to ensure it’s dealt with as soon as possible. There are traps that can be purchased as well as other pest control items, but the outcome can depend on the severity of the infestation.

If you’ve attempted to remove ants in the past but they’re still making themselves know, then it could be worthwhile considering enlisting the services of a professional who will be able to get to the root of the problem.

The way in which an ant infestation is dealt with can also depend on the type of ants entering the property.  For example, black ants will normally be scavenging for food. Locating the colony of ant can be as easy as following the ants.

However, carpenter ants can be more difficult to contend with, simply because of the way they operate. Rather than travel to and from a colony, carpenter ants often nest in various locations around the home.

This means that they could be more difficult to locate and trying to deal will the eradication of carpenter ants alone could prove to be futile.

Reducing the Likelihood of an Ant Infestation

The idea of an ant infestation can be unsettling to some, and many will be keen to reduce the likelihood of an infestation wherever possible. The following is an overview of the steps that can be taken to minimise the likelihood of an ant infestation.

  • Removing Any Dead or Rotten Wood Located Around the Property
  • Consider the installation of Mosquito Nets to Minimise Access
  • Repair Any Cracks or Crevices

In some instances, some may want to employ the services of a pest control service to run a thorough check of the home on a regular basis. If this is the case, then it can be worthwhile keeping a record to ensure any changes that occur following a visit can be dealt with as soon as possible.

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insulation Home Improvement 

What Homeowner Should Know Before Insulating External Walls

Living in a cold area needs a proper heating system. And if the walls of your house are not keeping that heat in, the heating system just won’t be of any help.

Since 1970, external wall insulation Coventry became an important method to insulate already built or new houses to keep them warm. It is the process of fixing an insulation material on the outer wall and covering it with render. It is a way to wrap your house in a blanket that keeps everyone comfortable and happy.

Insulation is not an easy job, and certainly not a DIY job. You cannot just grab some random tools and start doing it yourself to save your money. It involves a lot of training and expertise.

External wall insulation is also not cost-effective. But it is a necessity to reduce heat loss. Here is what you need to do to

Know Type of Insulation

Easy does it. Don’t rush into hiring an insulation installer. You need to research about the type that is cost-effective and works like a charm. There are different types such as expanded polystyrene, mineral wool and phenolic resin. Besides insulation types, there are different types of render as well which a typical renderer would offer:

  • Acrylic Render
  • Mineral Render
  • Silicon Render

All of the above options have their benefits and drawbacks. Afterwards, you can choose what you want to give it a fine finishing. You have a wide range of options such as painted, textured, and tiled or bricks. But it is beneficial to do some research before calling in professional for installation.

Hire a Surveyor

surveyor 840x480 - What Homeowner Should Know Before Insulating External Walls

Not everything can be known from the internet. It is important to take help from surveyor to determine how many walls need insulation. It will help you to know if your property needs any remedial work.

Hire an Installer

Once you have all the required information, you need to hire an expert for the job. You need to call in a person from a big EWI company for good results.

Buy Material

Clearly discuss the types of insulation, render and final coat you selected with your installer. You can make a list of all the material needed.

Protect your Property

It is important to take necessary measures to protect your windows, patios and garden. Cover your floors and roof top with plastic sheets. Also, fit window protection film on the glass doors and windows.

Select Suitable Time

There are things you need to do before your installer starts the installation process. Look for suitable weather. If he does it in rainy weather means your system would take longer to dry. It might also wash off the paint and your installer would have to do it again. Do it as doing it again would cost you more than you have planned.

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Depositphotos 185296660 m 2015 - Residential architect trends for the next 5 years Architect Trends 

Residential architect trends for the next 5 years

In architecture, trends have a vital role to play in design work. Spacesix Design A Glasgow based architect helped us put together a list of residential architect trends they expect to see in the next 5 years.   Design Clients approach an architect to get a unique design. They see nice features in their friends’ homes, and in magazines and this influences them.

Their needs and desires also inspire them, although this changes with time. Our current lives influence our homes’ designs and this has led to the growth of some innovative trends in design and architecture.

Some of these trends are likely to be featured in the next five years as indicated below.

1.  The open-plan space

Open-plan spaces involve interaction and connectivity. This trend is exciting since it indicates that people want to connect more with their friends and family. The key rooms in the house become areas for social activity and a lot of different activities happen at once. They make a home appear more amiable and welcoming.

People are reverting to the concept of entertaining at home. Many families are meeting to engage in activities like movie nights and board games. Busy parents wish to monitor their children as they prepare meals and carry out other tasks.

2.  Multiple master suites

In many cities, real estate prices are increasing much quicker than salaries, and a rising number of young families discover they can’t afford to make savings for a first home and also survive. Retirees also find it hard to invest in houses.

It leads to the popularity of the multi-generational home; here, many generations live in one house for a lengthy period. Friends can also share one house to enable them afford a home in an area they like.

When you share a home with other people it can assist you to make savings for a down payment, manage monthly costs and reside in a favorite area when home prices increase. Having a couple of master suites offers adult families a private area and also allows them to share resources under one roof.

3.        Off-the shelf plans

Entirely bespoke design is becoming unusual in home architecture. It appears that individuals who are constructing a new house wish to have something that has a fascinating architecture. However, they want to depend on a plan that is ‘tried-and-tested’ which they can pick from a book.  Many times, you can enhance and change the plans to suit your unique requirements.

Off-the shelf plans and housing developments make the process simple and often provide a detailed approval procedure for local council. It signifies that the client obtains a home faster and cheaper. Architects design these kinds of homes many times.

Off-the shelf plans as well as housing developments make the process simpler and usually provide an approval process that is streamlined for local council. It means that the client gets a house cheaper and quicker. Therefore, many times, architects design these kinds of homes while bespoke designs are for high-end clients.

4.        Freestanding baths

Initially, setting up a lovely bathroom involved the selection of tile. But today, the bath is turning into the bathroom space’s focal point. People want the design of their bathroom to be tranquil and relaxing, a shelter from the hectic day-to-day life. The bath is a large section of that. Baths are becoming increasingly sculptural in structure. Therefore, their appearance resembles art installations instead of bathing tabs. Many people prefer stone tubs that seem to be fashioned from the earth itself like a type of antique lustral basin.

5.        Charging stations

The home office is no longer hidden in a neglected bedroom. Today many people work from home and working and playing areas are combined. People go through their emails while on the couch from their laptop or in the bathroom from their phone.

There are a rising variety of media hubs and devices and a stationary office is no longer effective. Today, individuals design charging stations throughout the house; spaces where they can store devices, charge and use them.

6.        Sustainable Homes

Each of us is aware that the future home is self-sufficient; either a unit that is self-contained to enable it to produce its own power or a section of a community that shares resources locally.

Most individuals are thinking of the future and implementing a technology to set up sustainable environments in their homes. In the past ten years sustainability is a trend that has developed and it seems it is here to stay.

An architect will be required to work on designs that are passive, include solar arrays infrastructure, and make modifications for eco-technology which is increasingly sophisticated, for example, the latest Tesla batteries.

7.        Rec rooms, tricked-out sheds and ‘man caves’

Man caves have risen in popularity today. These rooms enable many clients to optimize their creativity. These spaces present an opportunity for family as well as close friends to enjoy. These areas are for people to engage in their favorite hobbies. Often, man caves include architectural challenges like a roof-span that is extra wide, to accommodate planes or boats; even a music studio that is soundproofed!

8.        Quiet Spaces

Individuals want an area in their home that is not packed with big televisions or clutter. It might be the typical ‘library’ area with a fireplace, and shelves of hardwood heaped high with books or a yoga or meditation room.

Many times, quiet areas can be fixed in tricky corners to make unoccupied space ‘fill out’ in a complicated plan. It may include complex architectural factors like internal courtyards, enormous skylights and indoor gardens.

9.        Clever Storage

Everything should be kept in its appropriate place. This phrase is more applicable than ever, and it has become particularly crucial, since the regular family bears the burden of a lot of stuff. Examples are bicycle repairs, camping equipment, board games, toys, model train sets, and designer clothing. All these have turned the home into an inbuilt storage solution that is custom-designed to handle everything.

The kitchen has particularly turned into an entertainment area. Therefore, clutter has been shifted from the bench tops and cupboards into a detached pantry space. It mainly includes sinks, prep-stations and a second oven.

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apartment blinds cabinets 349749 - Kitchen Trends for 2018 and 2019 Kitchen Design 

Kitchen Trends for 2018 and 2019

Although the end of the year is night, there are still plenty of trends that are gaining traction that look to continue into 2019.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to expand on your current design or wishing to give your kitchen a complete overhaul, the following trends can help when it comes to inspiration.

People Are Keen for Green

People often find nature calming, so it should come as no surprise that this discreet but alluring colour has found its way into kitchens across the United Kingdom.

Clerwood Kitchen and Bathrooms have stated that customers are requesting various implementations of green into their kitchen design in the guise of palm trees and botanical in a trend that isn’t dissimilar to the floral trend that was popular in the mid-noughties.

Hidden Storage Remains Popular

The use of hidden storage started early in 2018, but it remains popular and looks to continue its popularity into 2019.

Although everyone has their idea of a dream kitchen, there can be limitations in relation to space. This means that smaller kitchens can soon become cluttered. The use of hidden storage not only offers practicality but can also ensure there is a more peaceful ambience present overall,

Kitchens Inspired by Unicorns

Although many of us conjure of images of a mythical being awash with colour, the ‘unicorn’ theme in relations to kitchens is a little more discreet.

When looking at past designs, it’s easy to conform to the same old colour scheme, but the unicorn scheme offers an injection of originality while still being able to offer a colour scheme that inspires and feels homely.

Pale pinks and blues are being matched with discreet helpings of glitter in a trend that’s destined to continue making an impact in 2019.

Patterns Continue to be a Kitchen Staple

It’s not only a myriad of new colours being introduced into the kitchen, but also a slew of discreet patterns which when used in the right way help bring some additional character to your kitchen with little effort.

Lines and herringbone-patterned tiles are finding traction in the kitchen, as are bold features walls embracing the charm and allure that patterns have to offer.

Plywood is Offering Homeowners an Eco Look

Although many people will be invested in the aesthetics of their new kitchen, others will be keen to ensure that they’re designing a kitchen with the environment in mind. As such, there has been an upsurge in online searches relating to organic materials, and plywood is a material that is gathering momentum among those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to create a modern kitchen or looking to portray a traditional style, plywood can leave an impression that is clean and stylish, while being eco-friendly.

Broken-Plan Kitchens Offer More Privacy

Open-plan kitchens have been beneficial to many homeowners due to their space they’re able to offer, but that’s not to say that the design isn’t without its faults.

Although the available space is a plus, it does mean that the kitchen can soon become messy when having guests around.

A broken-plan kitchen not only allows for some additional privacy in the kitchen, but many have found that introducing a broken plan into the kitchen helps reinforce it as a social hub during family time and social gathering.

Add Layers with Two-Tone Colours

Are you looking to add some add some additional depth to your kitchen, but are worried that colours may clash? Then the two-tone approach could be one that is beneficial.

Two-tone colours are being introduced in several different ways. One example of this is the use of dark blue cupboard contrast against a light blue base unit. The scheme offers a taste of personality, while still allowing for a uniformed modern aesthetic.

Morocco Has Inspired Kitchen Trends

Designers will often look at lands afar for inspiration, so it’s not surprising that the globe has been yet again an influence on the aesthetics of the kitchen. This time it’s Morocco’s time to shine, as its characteristics are made up of large wooden worktops, gold lanterns and mosaic wallpaper.

The inspiration Morocco offers has led to a relaxing yet eye-catching ambience that makes the kitchen the ideal location for both social gatherings and respite.

Hot Water Has Evolved

It’s not only the design of the modern kitchen that has evolved, but also the appliances. The humble kettle has been the go-to appliance for hot water for several years, but more and more consumers are searching for time-saving methods around the kitchen, and hot water tapes have been gaining traction and will prove to be popular for the foreseeable future.

It’s easy to assume that the inclusion of hot water taps are nothing more than a luxury when it comes to kitchen design, but the same was true for dishwashers at one time.

The truth is that demand for hot water taps has meant that the cost of such an item has dropped. What’s more, professionals dealing with kitchen design find that including a hot water tap into the overall kitchen design is simple.

This isn’t to undervalue the benefits a kettle is able to offer, but a hot water tap shouldn’t be dismissed on the assumption it will be too expensive.

The Industrial Them Fits Surprisingly Well

When we think of kitchen design, it’s not often that an industrial inspiration would be at the top of the list, but you’d be surprised at how well the industrial theme works within a kitchen.

It’s most prominent influence is brushed brass, which is being used in various ways in the kitchen, including taps and plug sockets.

Whatever taste you have, there will be a trend that not only fits in with your vision but can actually help conjure up more inspiration as result.

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adult cleaning flora 713297 - Maintaining a Clean Office Environment Cleaning 

Maintaining a Clean Office Environment

Regardless of where we work, it’s important that the workplace is kept clean. This is especially true within an office environment.

Not only does cleanliness ensure that there are less bacteria, but it can also ensure that the office is safe an free from obstruction. states that there are many ways of maintaining cleanliness within the office, but it’s also important to find a regime that works in favour of the business.

The use of the following tips can ensure that you’re able to keep order in the office and make sure that everyone plays their part.

Create a Schedule

The role people play can depend on the size of the office, but more often than not, everyone normally has a role to play.

The role could be simple, such as keeping a work area tidy or cleaning their coffee cups after use. If everyone has a part to play, then keeping an office clean and tidy shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Ensure That Cleaning Supplies are To Hand

Although everyone can ensure the office is kept clean, there will be times when there are unexpected spillages and mess. As such, it’s important to ensure that there are cleaning supplies to hand to ensure that the spillage doesn’t have time to stain or create unpleasant odours.

Ensure Waste Management is Monitored

In most instances, businesses will make use of a commercial east disposal company. When dealing with waste, it’s important to ensure that regular collections are in place, otherwise, there could be the potential for unwanted bugs and rodents.

Not only can this cause problems outside, it can mean that when pests find their way inside, it could lead to damage and unwanted waste.

Monitoring waste ensures the business can schedule collections that keep excess waste to a minimum. Should there be a project that will contribute towards a lot of waste, then it can be useful to discuss alternative plans with the waste management company.

Computers Needs to Be Cleaned Regularly

When we think of bacteria lurking, it’s not uncommon to assume the worst culprits are lurking in the bathroom. However, many are surprised to find that most of the bacteria they’re exposed to can lurk within their keyboards.

Ensuring that computers are cleaned regularly helps ensure that any illnesses associated with the bacteria are eliminated, and the office as a whole is much cleaner place.

architectural design architecture ceiling 380768 660x365 - Maintaining a Clean Office Environment

Organise Paperwork

Loose paperwork can be a problem in any environment, but it can be the most problematic in the office. Not only does a business have to ensure it’s dealing with data protection law, but paper scattered around the office is unsightly and unsafe.

Implementing an effective filing regime can ensure that there is loose bits of paper, contributing towards a more efficient and organised office.

Clean Windows Regularly

Some businesses may ensure that the office is kept clean, but is the same true for the windows? Not only can dirty windows create a dull working atmosphere, they can also be off-putting to visitors.

Small businesses may be able to contend with window cleaning itself. However, those with larger premised may want to make use of a professional.

Do the Carpets Need Cleaning

In the office environment, the carpets will normally be the first to accumulate dirt, simply because of the foot traffic.

This can mean that carpet cleaning has to be carried out, but some find that it can be a hindrance to the business.

It’s important to be realistic about carpet cleaning and ensure that right solution is in place. For example, if there is going to be disruption to the business when cleaning the carpet, then it may be useful to search for a professional who can carry out the work during the evening or weekend.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

Just because one employee takes care of the equipment doesn’t meant that everybody will, which can cause problems around the office if the kitchen area becomes dirty.

In some instances, the microwave could be used and not cleaned. Other instances could mean that food is left in the fridge past its expiry date, which often means a foul odour occurs.

Ensuring the microwaves and fridges regularly ensures that there are less bacteria looming and less unpleasant odours.

A rule could be put in place that makes it clear what happens to food left in the fridge for a set period.

Use Disinfectant Wipes for Telephones

The phone is another piece of equipment that many of us overlook when it comes to cleaning, but like computer keyboard, telephones can harbour all forms of bacteria.

Fortunately, there are series of wipes available for this very task, which not only clean the phone but also eliminate most of the bacteria.

If you’re using a professional cleaning company, then it may be worth asking them to include the cleaning of phones as part of the cleaning routine,

Empty Waste Paper Bins Regularly

Although waste paper bins don’t normally anything that could set off unpleasant odours, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The emptying of waste paper bins is also important from a health and safety viewpoint, as it could be detrimental should a fire occur.

A simple rule could be put in place that all bins are emptied at the end of the day, or it could be included as part of the service offered by a professional cleaning company.

As you can see, there are many ways of maintaining cleanliness in the office, but this doesn’t mean a helping hand isn’t needed at times.

The use of a professional cleaning company can be tailored to the requirements of the business. So regardless of whether you need a full-time office cleaning solution or a part-time cleaning service, it could be worthwhile speaking to a professional.




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steelbuildings - Why Consider a Steel Building for Your Business? Steel Buildings 

Why Consider a Steel Building for Your Business?

Regardless of whether you’re looking to start a new business, or expand a current one, it can be an expensive endeavour depending on what you’re looking to achieve in relation to work space. Although there are several options available, the popularity of steel buildings is currently soaring. has seen more and more businesses adopt steel buildings due to their cost-effectiveness and bespoke qualities. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits a steel building can offer.

The following is an overview of some of the benefits that business owners can expect when using a steel building for their business.

Easier Construction

When looking to create business premises, time is of the essences, but those looking at brick and mortar solutions could be waiting for some time.

Of course, there will be times when other materials are more practical for a specific project, but if you’re merely looking for an addition to an existing business, then the use of steel buildings could be beneficial.

Even those with low start-up costs can enjoy the rapid and reliable construction of steel building. An example of this can be a mechanic looking to branch out on their own. Similarly, existing garages may wish to make use of a steel building to act as an MOT centre.


There can be times when business owners are looking for a tailored solution when it comes to their premises. The use of steel is not only cost-effective and prompt, but it also allows you to create the perfect set of work premises, regardless of the size.

This ensures that you’re not having to pay excessive rental fees for premises that are more adapted to your needs, meaning more profit can be reinvested into the company.

It’s also worth noting that the aesthetics can also be altered to suit the tone of the business. Although many associate steel buildings with agricultural and industrial industries, many companies are embracing the benefits that steel buildings have to offer, even if it acts as subsidiary to the main building.

Even those looking for additional storage space are able to make use of steel buildings, regardless of whether the business is storing vehicles, stock or stationery.

Robust Design

To get the best from your steel building, you need to ensure that you’re using a seasoned professional. However, once you’ve found the right expert to erect your steel building, you can look forward to a resilient building that can withstand the elements, and even protects against unwanted visitors.

Given how quick it is to obtain a steel building, it would be easy to assume that it pales in comparison to other materials, but steel buildings offer years of use, at a much cheaper price.

Has The Environment in Mind

The world has become focused on the environment, and for good reason. Years of neglect has meant that resources are more scarce, so it makes sense that recycling is a common practice across the UK.

The steel industry is no different and will always ensure that steel is being reused whenever possible.  What’s more, once the steel building has been through its life cycle, it will be reused for future endeavours. The low cost of steel buildings is made possible by recycling.

steelbuilding - Why Consider a Steel Building for Your Business?
The structural steel structure of a new commercial building against a clear blue sky in the background

Reduced Insurance Rates

Although it can’t be guaranteed that a steel building will be able to lower your insurance premiums, there’s certainly a better chance. Given the fact that steel buildings have been known to withstand adverse weather conditions such as high winds and storms, its resilience has been proved again and again.

As a result, companies offering business insurance have more faith in steel, and as there is less likelihood of it perishing, the insurance premiums will often be lower.

Of course, there are other contributing factors, but it’s a worthwhile consideration if you’re looking to balance affordability with practicality.

Spend Less on Utilities

When looking at the running costs of a business, it’s easy to dismiss gas and electric as trivial amounts. However, the amounts build up over the year, and there’s a good chance that if you’re overspending if you’ve not been monitoring your usage.

Metal buildings can offer benefits in both hot and cold climates. During the winter, a steel building can be heated relatively quickly, and will often retain the heat meaning less is being spent overall. Similarly, warmer days will often mean the building is heated by nature alone, which again can only have a positive impact on your bottom line moving forward.

Even very cold locations can make use of metal buildings, as adding insulation gives you the perfect working environment for a low cost.

Lower Maintenance Costs

It’s already been established how robust steel is, so it should come as no surprise that when it comes to repairs, they’re often few and far between. Of course, there may always be some form of damage at some point, but when compared to buildings constructed of other materials, the costs of maintenance are significantly lower.

Remodelling is Straightforward

When deciding to use a steel building for business, it’s easy to assume that once a company has outgrown it, it will simply be reused. However, many steel buildings can be remodelled with very little ease.

Not only does this mean that remodelling your work premises is a simple endeavour, but it’s much cheaper than having to create new work premises from scratch.

Not every business will benefit from a steel building, but you would be surprised at just how versatile metal buildings can be.


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hon - Budget Improvements: Three Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Elevate Your Home Home Improvement Tips 

Budget Improvements: Three Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Elevate Your Home

A lot of homeowners tend to believe that home improvement projects need to be large or costly to be truly effective. We’re here to emphasize the fact that no, you don’t need to go big to make a big difference. In fact, some of the more effective ways to elevate one’s living space doesn’t really need to be large or expensive.

If you don’t quite believe us, here are a few simple and cost effective ways to elevate your home:

Wall Vinyl

If you’ve ever wanted to add a little bit extra to your wall’s presentation but didn’t really want to go with something permanent or to go with expensive paint, wall vinyl is a good option. Wall vinyl works like a giant sticker for your wall. You pick the design and you can even customize it at times! From there you pick the wall and peel off the adhesive and stick it to the surface.

vinyl - Budget Improvements: Three Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Elevate Your Home

It’s something that you can peel off without any damage to the wall so you can keep replacing it. A paint job will cost around $200 minimum and can even cost a lot more if you’re planning on doing a massive pain job. A wall vinyl costs around $30 and even less if you just want a few accents.

Stair Runner Carpet

Got stairs? A lot of the time it can be quite annoying to have slippery steps or having to touch bare feet to cold surfaces. However, it can be quite costly to have full on carpets for your stairs. Even if you go with a cheaper option rug, you will still be quoted a minimum of $3,000.

stair - Budget Improvements: Three Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Elevate Your Home

Our solution is to go with a stair runner carpet. It may not completely cover the surface are but it certainly provides traction for feet and it’s a pretty special accent to boot. There are a lot of affordable stair runner fabric and designs out there. The ones we see run for as low as $250. That’s a big steal as compared to the $3,000.

Indoor Plants

You would be surprised what the right sort of indoor plant can do for your living space. Not only will it add a dash of life and a splash of color but it can help solve any mold and humidity problems that you may be having.

If you really want to maximize your space, you can even raise consumable plants and herbs. So not only will you get the benefit of adding life to your space but you’ll also be saving up on costs when you want fresh basil or rosemary for your meals! It doesn’t take a lot to get started on your indoor plants. You can buy them as is or get a seed pack to get started. So not only do you get a home improvement project but you also get the chance to legitimately grow something in your home.

So with that, we would like to pass on a question to you fine folk! What simple and cost effective ways do you know of to further elevate your home?

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