Budget Improvements: Three Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Elevate Your Home

A lot of homeowners tend to believe that home improvement projects need to be large or costly to be truly effective. We’re here to emphasize the fact that no, you don’t need to go big to make a big difference. In fact, some of the more effective ways to elevate one’s living space doesn’t really need to be large or expensive.

If you don’t quite believe us, here are a few simple and cost effective ways to elevate your home:

Wall Vinyl

If you’ve ever wanted to add a little bit extra to your wall’s presentation but didn’t really want to go with something permanent or to go with expensive paint, wall vinyl is a good option. Wall vinyl works like a giant sticker for your wall. You pick the design and you can even customize it at times! From there you pick the wall and peel off the adhesive and stick it to the surface.

vinyl - Budget Improvements: Three Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Elevate Your Home

It’s something that you can peel off without any damage to the wall so you can keep replacing it. A paint job will cost around $200 minimum and can even cost a lot more if you’re planning on doing a massive pain job. A wall vinyl costs around $30 and even less if you just want a few accents.

Stair Runner Carpet

Got stairs? A lot of the time it can be quite annoying to have slippery steps or having to touch bare feet to cold surfaces. However, it can be quite costly to have full on carpets for your stairs. Even if you go with a cheaper option rug, you will still be quoted a minimum of $3,000.

stair - Budget Improvements: Three Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Elevate Your Home

Our solution is to go with a stair runner carpet. It may not completely cover the surface are but it certainly provides traction for feet and it’s a pretty special accent to boot. There are a lot of affordable stair runner fabric and designs out there. The ones we see run for as low as $250. That’s a big steal as compared to the $3,000.

Indoor Plants

You would be surprised what the right sort of indoor plant can do for your living space. Not only will it add a dash of life and a splash of color but it can help solve any mold and humidity problems that you may be having.

If you really want to maximize your space, you can even raise consumable plants and herbs. So not only will you get the benefit of adding life to your space but you’ll also be saving up on costs when you want fresh basil or rosemary for your meals! It doesn’t take a lot to get started on your indoor plants. You can buy them as is or get a seed pack to get started. So not only do you get a home improvement project but you also get the chance to legitimately grow something in your home.

So with that, we would like to pass on a question to you fine folk! What simple and cost effective ways do you know of to further elevate your home?

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