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Photovoltaic Your Way: Different Ways You Can Install Solar Panels

The spike in interest regarding solar panels has reached an all time high. We can hardly blame people since they are quickly realizing the many benefits that come with it. Of course, with every discussion regarding having to install anything—especially something that is slightly complicated and expensive as solar panels—there is an unending debate.

We are, of course, referring to which is the best way to install those darn panels in anyway. This is what Solarwall will be focusing on in today’s discussion! When it comes to installation of anything that will require an understanding of the system and what’s needed, you can always hire a crew to do it for you. At the same time, it is something that you can also teach you and your family about, save on costs, and install it yourself.

So we’re back to the discussion of DIY versus Hiring a crew. Let’s explore both options!


Doing the installation on your own is possible but can be tricky. The installation will require establishing the conduit and securing the platform, and so many other tasks. This may require tools that you do not own and aren’t familiar with using.

Yes, you will be saving money when you do it yourself.  However, there are also the chances of making a mistake which can end up costing you more.

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Hiring a Crew

Hiring a professional installation crew is as easy as contacting the company, signing the dotted line, and waiting for them to get finished. While they may come with a fee, you can always be assured of superior quality in the installation.

If you’re smart about your purchase, you can actually even secure free installation when you buy certain brands or models of solar panels. If you are planning to hire a crew, make sure that you screen them well and that you read every single part of your contract before signing it.

Now, we want to pass on the question to you kind folks! What different installation ways do you know of? Also, if you were to choose, would you DIY or hire a crew?

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