Maintaining a Clean Office Environment

Regardless of where we work, it’s important that the workplace is kept clean. This is especially true within an office environment.

Not only does cleanliness ensure that there are less bacteria, but it can also ensure that the office is safe an free from obstruction. states that there are many ways of maintaining cleanliness within the office, but it’s also important to find a regime that works in favour of the business.

The use of the following tips can ensure that you’re able to keep order in the office and make sure that everyone plays their part.

Create a Schedule

The role people play can depend on the size of the office, but more often than not, everyone normally has a role to play.

The role could be simple, such as keeping a work area tidy or cleaning their coffee cups after use. If everyone has a part to play, then keeping an office clean and tidy shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Ensure That Cleaning Supplies are To Hand

Although everyone can ensure the office is kept clean, there will be times when there are unexpected spillages and mess. As such, it’s important to ensure that there are cleaning supplies to hand to ensure that the spillage doesn’t have time to stain or create unpleasant odours.

Ensure Waste Management is Monitored

In most instances, businesses will make use of a commercial east disposal company. When dealing with waste, it’s important to ensure that regular collections are in place, otherwise, there could be the potential for unwanted bugs and rodents.

Not only can this cause problems outside, it can mean that when pests find their way inside, it could lead to damage and unwanted waste.

Monitoring waste ensures the business can schedule collections that keep excess waste to a minimum. Should there be a project that will contribute towards a lot of waste, then it can be useful to discuss alternative plans with the waste management company.

Computers Needs to Be Cleaned Regularly

When we think of bacteria lurking, it’s not uncommon to assume the worst culprits are lurking in the bathroom. However, many are surprised to find that most of the bacteria they’re exposed to can lurk within their keyboards.

Ensuring that computers are cleaned regularly helps ensure that any illnesses associated with the bacteria are eliminated, and the office as a whole is much cleaner place.

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Organise Paperwork

Loose paperwork can be a problem in any environment, but it can be the most problematic in the office. Not only does a business have to ensure it’s dealing with data protection law, but paper scattered around the office is unsightly and unsafe.

Implementing an effective filing regime can ensure that there is loose bits of paper, contributing towards a more efficient and organised office.

Clean Windows Regularly

Some businesses may ensure that the office is kept clean, but is the same true for the windows? Not only can dirty windows create a dull working atmosphere, they can also be off-putting to visitors.

Small businesses may be able to contend with window cleaning itself. However, those with larger premised may want to make use of a professional.

Do the Carpets Need Cleaning

In the office environment, the carpets will normally be the first to accumulate dirt, simply because of the foot traffic.

This can mean that carpet cleaning has to be carried out, but some find that it can be a hindrance to the business.

It’s important to be realistic about carpet cleaning and ensure that right solution is in place. For example, if there is going to be disruption to the business when cleaning the carpet, then it may be useful to search for a professional who can carry out the work during the evening or weekend.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

Just because one employee takes care of the equipment doesn’t meant that everybody will, which can cause problems around the office if the kitchen area becomes dirty.

In some instances, the microwave could be used and not cleaned. Other instances could mean that food is left in the fridge past its expiry date, which often means a foul odour occurs.

Ensuring the microwaves and fridges regularly ensures that there are less bacteria looming and less unpleasant odours.

A rule could be put in place that makes it clear what happens to food left in the fridge for a set period.

Use Disinfectant Wipes for Telephones

The phone is another piece of equipment that many of us overlook when it comes to cleaning, but like computer keyboard, telephones can harbour all forms of bacteria.

Fortunately, there are series of wipes available for this very task, which not only clean the phone but also eliminate most of the bacteria.

If you’re using a professional cleaning company, then it may be worth asking them to include the cleaning of phones as part of the cleaning routine,

Empty Waste Paper Bins Regularly

Although waste paper bins don’t normally anything that could set off unpleasant odours, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The emptying of waste paper bins is also important from a health and safety viewpoint, as it could be detrimental should a fire occur.

A simple rule could be put in place that all bins are emptied at the end of the day, or it could be included as part of the service offered by a professional cleaning company.

As you can see, there are many ways of maintaining cleanliness in the office, but this doesn’t mean a helping hand isn’t needed at times.

The use of a professional cleaning company can be tailored to the requirements of the business. So regardless of whether you need a full-time office cleaning solution or a part-time cleaning service, it could be worthwhile speaking to a professional.




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