About Solarwall

The cost of living has continuously gone up through the years and it hasn’t slowed down a bit. This is particularly true when you’ve got your own home to worry about. While you have a load off your shoulders because you don’t have to worry about rent, you do have a plethora of other things to worry about.

Namely: mortgage, maintenance, repair, and energy costs.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that you could go to and they’d have a lot of discussions and guides about that sort of thing? Yes? Well you’re in luck!

Welcome to Solarwall! We are a publication which shall be focusing on the topics of home improvement and energy saving solutions. It is our goal that more and more homeowners and potential homeowners are empowered with their choices and attain a higher quality of living at the fracture of the general cost.

Our writers and contributors all carry professional and hands-on experience regarding home improvement and every saving. They’ve all gathered under this particular publication to share their thoughts and expertise. So if you’ve got any question or topic requests, they would be more than happy to take it in. Just give us a holler through our number at 079 6889 4553. We hope to hear from you soon!

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