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Home Improvement Basics: What You Should Always Have Prior to Starting

Homes have always been pretty much at the very top of most dreams and goals. Once you have that home, it’ll be up to you to make it as homey or as you as possible. This, of course, may involve home improvement.

Home improvement is one particular undertaking that has seen its share of successes and pretty spectacular failures. It seems that at the root of all the problems lie some pretty common denominators. Since our goal is to continuously provide help for our readers who are doing their best to elevate their home space, we wanted to talk about what you should always have prior to starting home improvement projects.

Before you even start to move anything, you should have:

A fully mapped out plan

A lot of people end up not realizing just how it is easy to get lost in everything they want to achieve in a home improvement project until it is way too late. Home improvements plans can be small or they can be something that will require a ton of tools and even construction crews and city permits.

So before you begin, it is important to have a fully mapped out plan. That way, there will be less surprise and no deviations. It can be easy to be tempted to add something or take away something that was a part of the initial plan. This can end up making you spent more than you should and dragging on the project further on.

A concrete and strict budget

With everything, money always matters. When you are seeking to improve your living space or do small to drastic home improvements, it is always good to have a pretty concrete and solid budget. Having a concrete and strict budget will help guide you into making the best sort of decisions in line with your finances.

It would make very little sense to spend money that you do not have or to undertake a project that you simply do not have the funds to complete it fully at this time. You will end up damaging the structural integrity of the home improvement if it is left there half-finished. Always remember to carefully select your home improvement projects and see if they are in line with your finances at the moment. You can always take your time and stock up on the funds required so that you can complete the project at its proper course.

At this point, we want to pass on the question to you lovely folks. What else should a homeowner have before they decide to undertake a home improvement project?

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Energy Saving Solar Panels 

Getting to Know Energy Savings: Let’s Answer Some Questions about Solar Panels!

If you’ve come here to learn more about energy savings and solar panels, we’re glad to have you! Also, congratulations on taking steps to find better energy solutions for your home. Now, let’s get back to the topic on hand: solar panel information.

We’re pretty darn sure that you’ve got a ton of questions so we wanted to share some of the questions that tend to be asked when it comes to the topic of energy saving solutions!

Will Solar Panels Impact Property Values?

If by impact you mean adding a ton of money on its value, then yes—it will have a massive impact on the value of the property. A lot of homeowners place a lot of value on a property that has been retrofitted for massive savings.

A home for sale which has solar panels can expect to enjoy a bump up in its selling value.

How Long Does an Installed Solar Panel System Last?

If the panels are built well, installed properly, and are regularly checked and maintained, they can last well over 20 years in active use. That’s a lot of savings and natural energy to tap into. When you think about the overall savings that you get, the initial cost of installation is microscopic in comparison.

One of the reasons why solar panels make such good investments is the fact that they require very little actual maintenance and they are pretty durable.

Are All Solar Panel Systems Priced the Same?

While that would be awesome, the answer will have to be no. There are brands that generally price around the same average but some may hold special deals on certain days. It would be in your best interest to do inquiries and get quotes so you can compare which price and model works best for you.

What Is a Solar Immersion Diverter?

This is one question that has a pretty long answer but the general gist of it is that it keeps a majority of the power produced by your solar panels for your home’s usage. It will not transfer out energy unless there’s extra to go around.

As you may know (or not know) homes that have solar panels get special deals with the local government—and may even receive rebates or compensation for sharing their energy. So not only are you making sure that your home gets enough but you’ll still be able to receive the compensation from the local government.

There are a lot of other questions that are often linked to the topic of solar panels and we hope that we’ve addressed the more common ones. With that, we’d like to pass on the question to you kind folks. What other questions would you have regarding solar panels?

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Energy Saving Solutions 

Photovoltaic Your Way: Different Ways You Can Install Solar Panels

The spike in interest regarding solar panels has reached an all time high. We can hardly blame people since they are quickly realizing the many benefits that come with it. Of course, with every discussion regarding having to install anything—especially something that is slightly complicated and expensive as solar panels—there is an unending debate.

We are, of course, referring to which is the best way to install those darn panels in anyway. This is what Solarwall will be focusing on in today’s discussion! When it comes to installation of anything that will require an understanding of the system and what’s needed, you can always hire a crew to do it for you. At the same time, it is something that you can also teach you and your family about, save on costs, and install it yourself.

So we’re back to the discussion of DIY versus Hiring a crew. Let’s explore both options!


Doing the installation on your own is possible but can be tricky. The installation will require establishing the conduit and securing the platform, and so many other tasks. This may require tools that you do not own and aren’t familiar with using.

Yes, you will be saving money when you do it yourself.  However, there are also the chances of making a mistake which can end up costing you more.

Hiring a Crew

Hiring a professional installation crew is as easy as contacting the company, signing the dotted line, and waiting for them to get finished. While they may come with a fee, you can always be assured of superior quality in the installation.

If you’re smart about your purchase, you can actually even secure free installation when you buy certain brands or models of solar panels. If you are planning to hire a crew, make sure that you screen them well and that you read every single part of your contract before signing it.

Now, we want to pass on the question to you kind folks! What different installation ways do you know of? Also, if you were to choose, would you DIY or hire a crew?

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Energy Saving Solar Energy 

Harness the Sun: Why Are Solar Panels a Good Investment

Everyone consumes a lot of energy when they turn on their TV or run the heater for a room or the shower. The ever present rising costs now make people realize that something has got to change. While some think that they need to change the amount of energy used, there are those that found a whole different answer.

Instead of limiting the energy they use or cutting back on their appliance usage, they just figured that they should find an alternative source of energy—one that won’t take a huge bite out of their finances. Of course, we are speaking of solar panels!

If you’re one of the many people that have a vague idea that solar panels are good but not quite decided if it’s a good investment, here are a few solid reasons for you:

It’s good for the environment

Solar panels harness the power of the sun. The sun, as you know, won’t die out any time soon so you will be tapping into clean and sustainable energy. When something is considered to be clean, you are not adding any pollutants into the environment.

You can see why this would be good for everyone over all.

It saves you a ton of money in the long run

While solar panels can set you back a pretty penny for the costs of installation and the cost of the panels themselves, they more than make up for it in the long run. Families which have installed solar panels in their home have reported an 80-90% drop in their monthly energy bills.

Imagine having to pay only a fraction of what you usually spend on energy for the rest of your life.

It cools down your home

Solar panels are especially made to absorb the heat that the sun casts down unto your home. Usually the heat will go past your roofing and down into your home. The solar panels change that effectively by taking in the heat.

So you get a cooler (figuratively and literally) home altogether.

Do you have any questions about solar panels? We want to pass on this question to you: why do you think that solar panels would be a good investment?

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